Don't just blindly use a tool because it is cool or someone told you to use it

Why u so blind

Edit: This is not a post that is saying that you shouldn't use tools like Vagrant, Git etc... My main point here is developers shouldn't use a tool just because it is cool or just because someone told them to use it because it is better than X, Y and Z and developers shouldn't judge other developers unless they really know why exactly other devs are using an old framework like CodeIgniter or using FTP clients like Filezilla for deployments etc... because maybe they have valid reasons why they are using it.

Just a friendly reminder:

Don't just blindly use a tool because it is the current trend or someone told you that it is better than X, Y or Z. Different developers and different projects have different requirements. I'm seeing a lot of developers using new tools just because it is cool etc...

Like when setting up a development environment. Sometimes it makes sense to just use XAMPP if you just want to try things out or for simple projects it might even be enough. Sometimes, it doesn't make much sense if you'll use Vagrant or setup a virtual machine like Virtual Box if you just want to try things out or prototype very simple projects etc..., unless you are working on different projects using different versions of PHP etc...

It's also okay to use FTP for deployments for some cases like if you're stuck on a shared hosting environment where you can't use Git or other deployment tools and its also okay to use CodeIgniter if you're forced to support legacy versions of PHP. Wordpress is also having too much hate but its still okay and its still a good choice to use it if you're building a blog or a simple CMS etc... especially if the budget is low and you have a tight deadline and WordPress fits the project requirements, why re-invent the wheel?

I'm just tired of seeing other developers judging other developers because they're using XAMPP, FTP etc... Like I said, it all depends on the developer, the situation and the project requirements.