New Core Developers Of Laravel Snippets

Laravel Snippets

I'm really happy to announce that Christopher Pitt and Ionut Tanasa will now help me maintain and develop the Laravel Snippets website. I'm really glad to have them both onboard. They have been really active sending pull requests in the past few weeks so they already helped a lot making improvements in the website.

All the three of us are excited in the future of the website. Currently, we are on the process of migrating the site to a new droplet on Digital Ocean where all the three of us will have access so we could collaborate better. To check the improvements being made on the site, check out the repository on Github - If you also want to contribute, you can do so by sending a pull request. Don't forget to star the repository and feel free to fork it! :)

Also follow @laravelsnippets on Twitter to get updated when new snippets are being published.

If you also want to know more about Christopher Pitt, check out his blog and his Leanpub account.

And also check out the Leanpub account of Ionut Tanasa.

Happy new year everyone! Happy coding! :)

Want to know more about Laravel Snippets website? Check out this blog post -