Realtime Twitter Clone Using Sails.js

A few days ago I came across a good looking framework for Node.js which is Sails.js so I decided to play with it since I might be able use it in some of my future projects. I really liked the framework since it really helps you get started very quickly. They said it's like Ruby on Rails for Node.js.

Here are a few screenshots of the app that I'm building on top of Sails.js:

Sails Twitter Clone

Sails Twitter Clone

You can grab the source code on Github -

Right now it's just like a chat app, but I'll be adding a few more features like retweet feature etc... to make the app more twitter like. It's also still missing proper error handling like showing user friendly validation errors since I'm still figuring out on how to do it. IMHO, the current model validation errors thrown by the framework is not user friendly and currently it's not clear on how to provide custom error messages. I'll just update the repository once I found a solution and I'll also publish another blog post when the app is done.

Kindly star the repository and feel free to fork it and use it as a reference. Happy coding and Merry Christmas everyone! :)

Part 2 of this blog post is now published -